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La technologie FineHeart expliquée par le docteur Stéphane Garrigue (Crédits : AGBM – FineHeart – Serge Favreau Réalisations – Mai 2017)
Source : AGBM

The 8th edition of the IMT (Innovative Medical Technologies) contest, organized by AGBM (Alliance pour le Génie Biologique et Médical), took place on May 15th in Paris. The aim of this contest was to promote innovative ideas, which could have a real impact on the organization of diagnostic and therapeutic care, in the medical device field. FineHeart won the first price by showing the innovation of its ICOMS which could bring help to more than 220 000 new unsupported heart failure patients per year. Indeed, the IMT jury has decreed that this new device gathers at the same time the values of technological innovation, a solvent market and a real answer to users need.

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