FineHeart was delighted to host its ICOMS webcast on June 25th 2020 with leading US cardiac KOLs Professors Mandeep Mehra and Frank Pagani.

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Attended by close to 100 participants, FineHeart showed the potential of ICOMS, the first intraventricular pump, to save lives from heart failure.  Being only 18 months away from First In Human trials, ICOMS respects the natural heart beats, has an easy implantation procedure and will bring a higher quality of life to patients.

KOLs validate the large unmet medical need in Heart Failure

We have clearly established that there is a ten-fold gap between the population that can be served versus the population currently being served.

Pr. Mandeep Mehra

And are positioning the ICOMS as the next disruption:

We see (the ICOMS) as potentially a very very important disruption in the field moving forward.

Pr. Mandeep Mehra