Description of FineHeart

FineHeart S.A, French medical device company focused on creating innovative tehcnologies in cardiovascular space, is located in Pessac, in Bordeaux’ metropolis.

The patented FineHeart invention, the ICOMS (Implantable Cardiac Output Management System) is a novel, wirelessly powered, fully implantable mechanical circulatory support device that is able to optimize cardiac output while preserving the heart’s innate contractility. It is a game changing therapy for long therm circulatory assistance in severe heart failure patients.

FineHeart was founded by a team of four internationally renowned cardiac surgeaons and cardiologists, led by Dr. Stéphane Garrigue (ICOMS Inventor) and Dr. Philippe Ritter, co-inventor of cardiac resynchronization therapy, with a vision of making a miniaturized, fully implantable, pulsatile circulatory support system that would overcome many of the challenges associated with left ventricular assist devices (LVADs) currently on market. The overarching goal is to restore normal cardiac output and allow heart failure patients to return to a normal quality of life.

Description of the function

In the context of its expansion, FineHeart currently searches for a:

Senior embedded software developer

The senior embedded software developer will be fully integrated in the development and organisation of the development of the embedded software of a class III medical device products.

Dans le cadre de son expansion, FineHeart recherche actuellement un :

Développeur logiciel embarqué senior

Le développeur logiciel embarqué sera pleinement intégré à la réalisation et à l’organisation du développement du logiciel embarqué de dispositifs médicaux de classe III.

Responsibilities and hierarchy

Within our software team and under the responsibility of the software leader, you will be responsible for the development of the embedded software integrated in an implantable medical device and for the definition of processes of the software development life-cycle.

Au sein de notre équipe logicielle et sous la responsabilité du leader logiciel, vous participez au développement du logiciel embarqué intégrées dans un dispositif médical implantable et à la définition des procédures du cycle de vie du logiciel.


In this context, your missions are:

  • Develop the embedded software of the implantable medical device
  • Write code for the unit and integration testing
  • Ensure code coverage and writing documentation
  • Writing of software specifications, detailed design document
  • To recommend technical choices
  • Contribute to the definition of software development activities
  • Contribute to the software risk analysis
  • Ensure the application of quality processes
  • Contribute to the development cybersecurity process

Dans ce cadre, vos missions sont :

  • Développer le logiciel embarqué du dispositif médical implantable
  • Ecrire le code de test unitaire et d’intégration
  • Assurer la couverture du code par les tests et rédiger la documentation
  • Participer à la rédaction des spécifications du logiciel, de l’architecture et des spécifications détaillées
  • De préconiser des choix techniques
  • De contribuer à la définition des activités du développement du logiciel
  • De participer à l’analyse des risques du logiciel
  • D’assurer l’application des processus qualité
  • De contribuer à la définition et la mise en place des activités de cybersécurité

Researched profile and skills

  • Knowledge of UML/ design pattern/OOP
  • Master in C/C++
  • Familiar with Python
  • Familiar with Cmake
  • Familiar with Eclipse CDT
  • One experience with Bluetooth technology would be appreciated
  • Minimum 5 years of experience as software developer in constrained environment such as IEC62304 (Class C) or equivalent (IEC61508 SIL3, DO-178C DAL B, ISO 26262 ASIL C/D, EN 50128, etc)